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Bravo, Little Bird!, Silvestro

Bravo, Little Bird!, Silvestro

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Author: Annie Silvestro 
Illustrator: Ramona Kaulitzki 
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages 
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2023) 
ISBN: 9781665906920 

The old man played joyful, jolly music. 
Sad, soulful music. 
Beautiful, bountiful, breathtaking music. 
Little Bird listened . . . until she couldn’t stay quiet any longer. 
Then, she sang. 
“Bravo, Little Bird!” cheered the old man.  

From this moment on, Little Bird and the old man are inseparable. Together, they make music and share their gifts with their families. But over time, the old man starts to grow tired . . . until the day comes when his piano playing stops altogether. As Little Bird looks for a special way to honor the old man’s memory, she soon discovers that her friend isn’t truly gone after all — he lives on in their music. 

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