Encounter, Levit (2-CD)

Encounter, Levit (2-CD)


Discs: 2
Record Label: Sony
Release Date: September 11, 2020

"Nothing Levit plays is ever ordinary, even when the music is familiar, which most of this isn't. Take Brahms' Op. 122 Chorale Preludes; these too are heard in Busoni's arrangements, every one a decorate and contemplative beauty . . . By the end of Encounter I knew exactly what Levit's lockdown goals were, for I'd reach them myself: quietness, balm, closure, peace." — The Times

Igor Levit's Encounter seeks sounds that give inner strength and support for the soul. In works by Bach to Max Reger, based on poignant vocal compositions, the encounter for encounters and human togetherness is given expression — at a time when isolation is the order of the day.

The repertoire presented here reflects the album's title. The works create a community of experience for many individuals forced to maintain distance from one another. They establish contact with religious and inward spirituality. In addition, the inner connections between the composers and their respective aesthetics make Encounter a journey offering astonishing disocveries, even on ostensibly familiar terrain.


Busoni 10 Chorale Preludes after Johann Sebastian Bach, BV B 27

Busoni 8 Chorale Preludes after Johannes Brahms, BV B 50

Brahms Vier ernste Gesänge, Op. 121 (arr. Max Reger)

Reger Nachtlied, Op. 138, No. 3

Feldman Palais de Mari

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