1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, Moon

1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, Moon


Author: Tom Moon
Format: Paperback, 992 pages
Publisher: Workman Publishing (2008)
ISBN: 9780761139638

The musical adventure of a lifetime. Doing for music what Patricia Schultz (1,000 Places to See Before You Die) does for travel, Tom Moon recommends 1,000 recordings guaranteed to give listeners the joy, mystery, revelation and sheer fun of great music.

Drawing from the diverse worlds of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop and everything in between, the alphabetical arrangement of recordings breaks down genre bias and creates unexpected juxtapositions between artists. Johann Sebastian Bach is flanked by little-known R&B singer Baby Huey and punk band Bad Brains — Samuel Barber and Cecelia Bartoli are surrounded by The Band, Count Basie and Afropop star Waldemar Bastos. This book makes every listener a seeker, actively pursuing new artists and sounds while reconfirming the greatness of the classics.

About Tom Moon:

Award-winning music journalist Tom Moon is a regular contributor to National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, as well as Rolling Stone, Blender and other publications. During his 20-year tenure as music critic at the Philadelphia Inquirer, his writings appeared in hundreds of daily newspapers and magazines. A saxophonist, Moon began his career as a professional musician, working in assorted rock bands, cruise ship orchestras and Maynard Ferguson’s big band.

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