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Language of the Spirit, Swafford

Language of the Spirit, Swafford

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Author: Jan Swafford
Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
Publisher: Basic Books (2017)
ISBN: 9780465097548

For many, classical music is something serious — something studied in school, played by cultivated musicians at fancy gatherings. In Language of Spirit, renowned music scholar Jan Swafford argues that we have it all wrong: classical music has something for everyone and is accessible to all. Ranging from Gregorian chant to Handel’s Messiah, from Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons to the postmodern work of Philip Glass, Swafford is an affable and expert guide to the genre. He traces the history of Western music, introduces readers to the most important composers and compositions and explains the underlying structure and logic of their music.

About Jan Swafford:

Jan Swafford is a preeminent composer and music scholar and the author of the bestselling The Vintage Guide to Classical Music. A regular contributor to Slate, the Guardian and the Boston Globe and former professor of composition at the Boston Conservatory, Swafford lives in Medford, Massachusetts.

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