The Art of Music, Coleman

The Art of Music, Coleman


Editor: Patrick Coleman
Format: Hardcover, 318 pages
Publisher: Yale University Press (2015)
ISBN: 9780300215472

A fascinating study of the relationship between music and visual art in a variety of media from around the world.

The Art of Music is a handsomely illustrated and rich interdisciplinary look at the mutual influence between music and the visual arts across cultures and eras. The book sheds new light on more familiar artists at the intersection of visual and musical arts, such as Wassily Kandinsky and Arnold Schoenberg, and presents new scholarship on less well-known examples in the arts of Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, from antique pottery to contemporary video and sound art. Essays consider key works and themes such as synesthesia and other formal and theoretical crossovers, motifs of musicians and performative and ritual functions of music, musical instruments and art. With more than 250 color images illustrating works of art in diverse traditions, The Art of Music offers enriching reading for scholars and general audiences alike.

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