The Big Woods Orchestra, Genechten

The Big Woods Orchestra, Genechten


Author & Illustrator: Guido van Genechten
Format: Hardcover, 30 pages
Publisher: Clavis Publishing (2012)
ISBN: 9781605371139

Composing a beautiful ode to nature for children, this picture book captures a marvelous sound — the musicians of the Big Woods Orchestra, tuning up in the early morning. As the rooster announces it is time to begin, the tawny owl hoots, the great spotted woodpecker taps away and the rest of the orchestra’s birds welcome the new spring day in a united voice. Atmospheric and melodious illustrations bring the birdsong of the forest to life in this charming exploration.

About Guide van Genechten:

Guido van Genechten is an illustrator and the author of several bestselling children's books, including Because I Love You So Much, The Big Baby Book, The Big Eating Book, The Big Sleep Book, Little Kangaroo, Little Snowman Stan, Mommies and Their Babies and No Ghost Under My Bed. He is the winner of the Reader's Digest Award for Best Children's Books Illustrator and the Picture Book of the Year in Holland.

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