The Piano Recital, Miyakoshi

The Piano Recital, Miyakoshi


Author & Illustrator: Akiko Miyakoshi
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Kids Can Press (2019)
ISBN: 9781525302572

It is the day of Momo's first piano recital. As she nervously waits for her turn to play, she tells herself, "I'll be okay . . . I'll be okay . . ." Then she hears a voice nearby, also saying, "I'll be okay . . . I'll be okay . . ." It is a mouseling! And the little mouse is nervous about her first performance, too.

The mouseling invites Momo through a small door backstage, where Momo is amazed to find a miniature theater filled with an audience of elegantly dressed mice there to watch singers, dancers and circus performers! When it is the mouseling's turn, Momo agrees to accompany her on piano. The mouse audience is so appreciative! But then, as she rises to take her bow, Momo is surprised to discover it is not a mouse audience at all!

Here is another magical, dreamlike picture book from Akiko Miyakoshi, the multi-award-winning and internationally bestselling author-illustrator. The imaginative narrative is woven around the common childhood experience of anxiety, felt by performers but also by every child who faces a new life challenge. Momo serves as a wonderful example to children, using the power of her imagination to understand and work through her feelings. Even the youngest readers will be able to follow this story through the beautiful and fantastically detailed illustrations, which perfectly capture Momo's emotions as she transitions from the real to the imagined and back again.

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