This is Music: Drums, Rajan/Yakunova

This is Music: Drums, Rajan/Yakunova


Author: Rekha S. Rajan 
Illustrator: Tania Yakunova 
Format: Board Book, 26 pages 
Publisher: Rise x Penguin Workshop (2022) 
ISBN: 9780593387009 

What do a set of bongos, a tambourine and a cooking pot have in common? They are all drums! This first introduction to instruments in the drum family begins with a simple explanation of what defines a drum. Young readers are then invited on a global exploration of a variety of percussive instruments and are encouraged to find drums of their own in the world around them. 

About Rekha S. Rajan: 

Dr. Rekha S. Rajan is a musical theater and operatic performer, early childhood educator, professor and author of several publications on the arts in education. She is the recipient of several grants, including a 2-year research grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, has performed in a variety of venues, including Carnegie Hall and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and sits on various statewide curriculum boards. Rekha specializes in introducing children to the arts. Her debut children’s book, Amazing Landmarks (Scholastic, 2022), is a STEAM compendium of the stories behind how and why 10 iconic landmarks were built. Her parenting book The Read Aloud Factor (Chicago Review Press, 2022) will provide a modern, inclusive approach to establishing read aloud routines for busy families, featuring diverse reading lists, using music, working around technology and addressing multilingual dynamics. Rekha’s work consistently draws from her professional expertise as an educator and performer, her South Asian heritage and her abiding love of music. Rekha sings every day with her husband and three children and when she’s not writing, she plays the djembe, mridangam, trumpet, ukulele and piano. 

About Tania Yakunova: 

Tania Yakunova is an award-winning illustrator from Kyiv, Ukraine. She finds her inspiration in avant-garde art and design of the 20th century. Her work spans from commercial illustration, book illustration, editorial illustration, poster design, packaging for clients all around the world to internationally exhibit personal works. Tania is an active member of the local artist community in the Ukraine and regularly gives lectures and workshops about illustration. 

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