Within the Sphere of the Master, Kent

Within the Sphere of the Master, Kent


Author: Timothy Kent
Format: Hardcover, 260 pages
Publisher: Silver Fox Enterprises (2006)
ISBN: 978096572305

For more than a half century, Adolph “Bud” Herseth was a living legend in the music world. Having served as the principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 53 years, he is acknowledged as one of the greatest symphonic trumpet players of all time. Under his leadership and guidance, the CSO brass became the most distinguished brass section in the world.

This book presents the memoir of Timothy Kent, one of Herseth’s many students. It includes a detailed description of the many years of training Kent received from Herseth, providing an extensive discussion of Herseth’s musical concepts and teaching methods, as well as an account of Kent’s professional career that followed. This book presents a true insider’s perspective on the musical life of Bud Herseth and the phenomenal brass section he led.

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