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A Brilliant Plan!, Gerhard

A Brilliant Plan!, Gerhard

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Author: Ana Gerhard
Illustrator: Marie Lafrance
Format: Hardcover, 36 pages
Publisher: The Secret Mountain (2021)
ISBN: 9782925108689

Travel through time following a charming little mouse called Minim who loves cheese and music. He has just spent an amazing summer in the country with his cousin Maxim. The meals have been fabulous, followed by delightful concerts with gifted musicians who are there to play for the prince and his guests. Autumn is now upon them, and something has gone awry. The conductor has noticed that the members of the orchestra have grown tired and dearly miss their families. How shall he convey to the prince that the vacation has gone on for far too long? Only a brilliant composer like Joseph Haydn could come up with such a plan!

In addition to an illustrated story and introductory notes on the composer, this book is accompanied by a CD featuring recordings of the narrated story and selections from Haydn’s Farewell Symphony. A unique code for the digital download of the recordings and a printable file of the illustrated story is also included.

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