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Composers Who Changed History

Composers Who Changed History

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Whether you have an interest in classical music and opera or you are a music student or musician, this book would be great for you. Composers Who Changed History places well-known composers in their historical and cultural context, allowing you to see how they came to influence music.

Inside, you will find an overview of the lives and works of around 80 of the world’s most important composers — from the Middle Ages to the present — alongside lavishly illustrated portraits of each composer, with photographs of their homes and studios, and original musical scores and personal correspondence. Throughout, each composer is introduced with a realistic portrait and biographical entries which trace the friendships, loves and rivalries that inspired and influenced them. Composers Who Changed History provides revealing insights into what drove each individual to create the musical masterpieces — symphonies, concertos and operatic scores — that changed the direction of classical music.

Format: Hardcover, 328 pages
Publisher: DK (2024)

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