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Gabrieli, National Brass Ensemble (SACD)

Gabrieli, National Brass Ensemble (SACD)

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Andrew Kazdin, producer of The Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli, wrote the following in 1968: “The same probability that governs the chance that ninety toothpicks poured out upon the floor will arrange themselves into the twenty-six letters of the alphabet applies to the project of bringing together nineteen busy musicians from the top three orchestras of three states.”

Fast-forward forty-six years and this project is reborn with the National Brass Ensemble — a group comprised of twenty-six outstanding brass musicians from nine of the finest orchestras in the United States. The inspiration for this recording project is the original Grammy® Award-winning 1968 recording, The Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli, featuring brass groups from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra and Philadelphia Orchestra. In this modern version, these musicians perform antiphonal music by Gabrieli in refreshed arrangements by Tim Higgins (Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony), as well as a new work for brass by celebrated film composer John Williams.

Richard King horn
Jennifer Montone horn
James Sommerville horn
Robert Ward horn
Gail Williams horn
David Bilger trumpet
Jeffrey Curnow trumpet
Thomas Hooten trumpet
Mark Inouye trumpet
Adam Luftman trumpet
Christopher Martin trumpet
Michael Martin trumpet
Thomas Rolfs trumpet
Michael Sachs trumpet
Joseph Alessi trombone
Nitzan Haroz trombone
Tim Higgins trombone
Massimo La Rosa trombone
Michael Mulcahy trombone
Randall Hawes bass trombone
James Markey bass trombone
Gene Pokorny tuba
Mike W. Roylance tuba
Yasuhito Sugiyama tuba
Paul Yancich timpani
Marc Damoulakis percussion

Gabrieli Sacrae symphoniae (arr. Tim Higgins)
June 2014, Skywalker Sound Stage, San Rafael

Williams Music for Brass
June 2014, Skywalker Sound Stage, San Rafael

Discs: 1
Record Label: Oberlin Music
Release Date: 
October 9, 2015

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