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Opera: The Definitive Illustrated Story

Opera: The Definitive Illustrated Story

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Immerse yourself in more than 75 years of the world’s most celebrated operas and discover the fascinating stories behind them. Explore the lives of opera singers, such as Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti and Jonas Kaufmann. Meet composers such as Mozart, Wagner and Britten, and the librettists with whom they collaborated to create the magical blends of words and music that make up opera.  

From its origins in the 17th-century courts of Italy to live screenings in public spaces today, Opera: The Definitive Illustrated History follows the history of opera from Monteverdi’s L'Orfeo in 1607, to Cosi fan Tutte, La Bohème and modern operas such as Brokeback Mountain. It explains musical terminology, traces historical developments and sets everything in cultural context. 

Filled with photographs of all the key figures and performances, this book revels in the sets and costumes that make up the grand spectacle of opera. It also explores the great opera houses of the world, such as La Scala in Milan, the Met in New York and the Sydney Opera House. Opera: The Definitive Illustrated History is the essential book for anyone who wants to understand and enjoy the constantly evolving world of opera.

Contributors: Alan Riding, Leslie Dunton-Downer
Hardcover, 360 pages
Publisher: DK (2022)
ISBN: 9780744056310

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