Serving Genius: Carlo Maria Giulini, Saler

Serving Genius: Carlo Maria Giulini, Saler


Author: Thomas D. Saler
Format: Hardcover, 256 pages
Publisher: University of Illinois Press (2010)
ISBN: 9780252035029

“A thorough, balanced and illuminating portrait of the charismatic Italian as man and maestro.” — Chicago Tribune

Serving Genius tells the life story of Carlo Maria Giulini, one of the most beloved conductors of the twentieth century. Detailing Giulini’s extraordinary professional career, Thomas D. Saler also chronicles Giulini’s personal life including his musical awakening while growing up amid the spectacular beauty of the Dolomite mountains, his years as a student in Rome’s Academy of St. Cecilia, his conscription into the Italian army during World War II, his 9 months in hiding for his anti-fascist and pacifist beliefs and his selfless devotion to his wife, Marcella.

A humble master who shunned the limelight, Giulini took a deeply emotional and subjective approach to making music. Saler provides uniquely detailed analysis of Giulini’s nuanced musicianship and the way he conveyed that musicianship to the orchestra through physical gestures. Meditating on the very art of conducting at which Giulini excelled, Saler discusses each of the conductor’s major musical appointments including stints with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Drawing on extensive interviews with Giulini’s family, music critics, arts administrators, orchestra members and collaborating soloists, Serving Genius draws out the personal and professional life of this giant among conductors.

About Thomas D. Saler:

Thomas D. Saler is a conservatory-trained musician and was a longtime member of the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus. A freelance financial writer, Saler is the author of several books on personal finance, including All About Global Investing.

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