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The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle, Litchfield

The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle, Litchfield

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Author: David Litchfield 
Format: Hardcover, 40 pages 
Publisher: Clarion Books (2019) 
ISBN: 9781328595898 

Fiddle-playing Hector and his dog, Hugo, are best friends. Hugo is Hector's biggest fan, and when Hector decides to retire, Hugo secretly learns to play the fiddle himself. Soon, a famous piano-playing bear invites him to join his all-animal band and travel the world to perform in front of huge crowds — an opportunity that Hector had always dreamed of for himself. Will Hector be able to overcome his jealousy and learn to be happy for his friend? 

This heartfelt tale reminds us that there are many kinds of success, and it celebrates the joy and healing powers of music and friendship. 

About David Litchfield: 

David Litchfield is the creator of the award-winning The Bear and the Piano, as well as the illustrator of Miss Muffet, Or What Came After by Marilyn Singer and many other books. 

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