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The Note Who Faced the Music, Bonilla

The Note Who Faced the Music, Bonilla

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Author: Lindsay Bonilla 
Illustrator: Mark Hoffmann 
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages 
Publisher: Page Street Kids (2023) 
ISBN: 9781645676317 

Half Note doesn’t feel whole. With two beats, she isn’t as big and beautiful as Whole Note, or as quick and upbeat as Quarter Note. She worries she’ll never measure up! So when the other members of the musical staff are at rest, she picks up like a fast tempo and leaves. 

But Composer and the staff can’t play anything noteworthy without Half Note. Their only hope is to convince Half Note to change her tune and come back.  

This hilarious, offbeat tale of sheet music in treble will strike a chord with anyone who’s felt out of sync, ringing with reassurance that everyone has a part to play when working as a team. At the coda, readers can develop their ear with a glossary of musical terms included. 

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