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We are All Ears!, Gerhard

We are All Ears!, Gerhard

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Author: Ana Gerhard
Illustrator: Marie Lafrance
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: The Secret Mountain (2021)
ISBN: 9782925108665

Travel through time following a charming little mouse called Minim who loves cheese and music. On this occasion, he finds himself bouncing around in Emily’s skirt pocket as she joyfully skips down the stairs to her father’s bustling workshop. A very special guest has just arrived, a musician deemed to be the best violinist in the world. Little do the luthiers know that they will come very close to witnessing a terrible accident: the destruction of Niccolò Paganini’s most cherished instrument. Luckily, the little girl saves the day by miraculously catching the violin in midair before it hits the floor. Filled with gratitude, the maestro begins to play a piece for her — as if nothing else in the world ever existed.

In addition to an illustrated story and introductory notes on the composer, this book is accompanied by a CD featuring recordings of the narrated story and a performance of his Caprice No. 24. A unique code for the digital download of the recordings and a printable file of the illustrated story is also included.

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